Welcome to Million Mile Saga!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I invite you to join me in the quest for accumulating a million miles and points.  As a new member to this hobby of miles travel, I felt the urge to share my ‘newbie’ experiences for others. Follow my wins and fails. Find out what works and what didn’t. So many of the other blogs are great for information but I thought it would be helpful to share my beginner experiences.

*WARNING: This hobby can become quite the obsession. *

But who doesn’t love a good obsession 🙂 I have always wanted a million of something… preferable dollars. For now I will settle on a million miles and points. Then maybe a million miles of actual travel. I have traveled some in the past, I had loyalty cards from several hotels and airlines. But I never maximized (or really used) any of those rewards. I haven’t traveled much in the past decade and I really miss it. I have pretty good credit and I when I started travel hacking I had about 6 different credit cards between my husband and I , none earned rewards except the Costco American Express. None were hotel or Airline earning or branded cards.

In a short period of about 2 months, yes 2 Months, we have accumulated many credit cards and many points and miles. I made some errors in my choices that I will share but nothing that will stop my quest. This blog will begin with a series on how I got started along with how I learned, what I did right and what I probably did wrong. The biggest downfall of this hobby is that the current Biggest Deals don’t always co-inside with your current goal.

You have to be flexible to a point (because big deals require quick action) but not so as to throw you off your goal.

I hope to build closer relations with other bloggers and points travelers to learn and increase my knowledge, and to share those lessons here. Hopefully all the great bloggers I learn from will welcome me. Most of the blogs about miles and points travel are written for people experienced and deep into the game, and someday I may be able to join the ranks. For now, I’ll just share what we can do to get the ball rolling.

Be prepared, once the ball is rolling it can move very quickly. My desk is a crazy mess of credit cards, sign up bonuses, welcome packages. My husband is having a hard time trying to figure out which multiple of any given credit card I am talking about. He says, “the Hilton Honors?” I say, “Yes the American Express one, not the Citibank one.” he replies, “Is that one yours?” me, “No the Hilton American Express is yours. Mine is the Citibank. Your Citibank is the Premier Thank You card.”

This week I am planning an complete organization overhaul. I need a system.

Follow me to learn more about this great way to be rewarded for your everyday living. I plan to review credit cards, hotel rewards, airline rewards, hotel and airline reviews, share travel tips and experiences, options for using miles and points, gift cards, best ways to earn and use miles and points.

*Plus I will have some great promotion, contests and giveaways*

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So let’s get started chasing miles and points … and the ultimate rewards travel that will come with a Million Miles! Together we can do this.



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