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Kia Test Drive Offer

My daughter found this offer to Test Drive a Kia and get a $25 Visa Gift Card. Pretty easy.  Test drive offer is available from February 3 – March 31, 2016. Fill out and print the form, take it to a dealer for validation.

I have to admit I have a Kia Optima and I love it. I came from a Lincoln and gas prices were high at the time. The Lincoln was a v8, which is fun to drive until you have to keep returning to a gas station at over $3 a gallon. The Optima Sport was a good replacement. The only negatives I have found is visibility when look out the back corners is terrible and the front passenger seat sits very very low and is not adjustable up and down.  It is a sleek car that turns lots of heads, a 2012 model that people still stop me in parking lots to ask what it is.  🙂 Reminds me it is almost spring and time to break out the wax and elbow grease to bring back the shine.

How to get a $400 piece of Luggage for $53 cost?

Ebags DelseyYou could get this $400 bag for final cost of $53.

As I was standing by the luggage carousel this week I felt the Luggage Gods must be warning me, there was many bags coming in that were taped up with signs stating they came through damaged. Bulging bags covered in tape with broken zippers. Luckily, none of them were mine. But the past few trips I have noticed that my staple travel bag was feeling ‘weak’. You know that feeling when you pick it up and wonder if it is going to survive one more journey into the hands of checked baggage. Then the bag comes out intact and you think I worry to much. You may repeat this over several trips before you finally realize you are tempting fate and the mileage on your favorite bag is pretty high. Time to give in and start shopping for a replacement.

Now is a great time to replace you bag with something new, fresh and stronger. The stack-able e bags promotions are pretty good now. Begin with checking out the cashbackmonitor to find out which portal you prefer, today TopCashBack (sign up here if you haven’t already)  is 15% back on ebags. eBags has up to ebags 40% off some TUMI if that’s too pricey check out some of the other options. If you sign up for eBags email they will send you a coupon (and maybe even the Day Sale code for Dad’s & Grad’s insider deal.)

eBags June 2015

During checkout make sure you sign into your Shoprunner account for FREE 2-day shipping. (You can get a FREE Shoprunner Account with many of the American Express cards check your American Express Benefits).  You will earn 5% in ebags rewards off your next purchase. This takes away some worry if the bag is going to arrive before your next trip.

Finally, make sure you have checked all your American Express accounts for #AmexOffers and added the $15 back on $75 purchase with ebags, this expires on June 10.

So our target here is to have a final check out price of $75 (I always make that before taxes, shipping or any fee’s).

  • Lets say you find a $100 bag (just to make the math easier).
  • Use your ebags coupon of 20% off for signing up. (cost now $80, this is your check out cost)
  • Use your TopCashBack portal to earn 15% back. ($12 earned on topcashback cost now $68 after rebate)
  • Free 2 Day Shipping with Shoprunner, or Free reg shipping for order over $49
  • AmexOffers eBag $15 off $75 purchase, make sure you use the correct Amex card and you ‘added the offer’ on your american express account page. (final cost after this rebate applies $53)
  • Plus you earned 5% rewards on ebags and any rewards points on your American Express! win win

Happy Travels!

Nordstrom Rack 10% Back Offer plus

BOA Nordstrom Rack

I can get so focused on the great AmexOffers that sometimes I forget to check deals on my other cards. Today I noticed that my Bank of American Alaska Air Card has some good deals too. You’ll want to check all your cards because we had different offers on different cards. I love to shop Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack and am always on the lookout for deals.

I prefer shopping online and Nordstrom is always free shipping with usually no hassle returns and Rack is Free shipping with $100 purchase and 90 day returns. While Nordstrom can often be found with miles/ points bonus deals (currently 10% on Discover Deals, check out it is usually harder to find bonus deals for Rack. (Currently 4% topcashback or 2 miles on your Barclay Reward Boost)

.Alaska Air BOA Card

Until May 11th my Bank of America card has a 10% cash back for an online Nordstrom Rack. Here are the Terms:

Nordstrom Rack

4 days left

Ready to use

Earn 10% cash back on your Nordstrom Rack purchase, with a $25.00 cash back maximum! Offer valid one time only. Offer expires 5/11/2015. Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date.Offer not valid at Nordstrom retail locations.

Note: Offer is only valid when you pay with your eligible Bank of America®card

If this stacks with the TopCashBack of 4% that would be great, not as good as the 25% off Clear the Rack sale but still good.

Current offers I had on Alaska BOA also included 800Flowers, Kmart and 5 Guys.