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Credit Card Hawkers, My Rant

Surely, I will be slammed for this, but it bothers me enough to post it. Some of the veteran players in the travel hacking game have some very strong opinions about bloggers that hawk credit card sign ups. They argue that those people focus on their own advancement and have no consideration for their readers and if their readers are getting good information. I believe that mostly this is wrong. Maybe the seasoned gamer doesn’t want or need credit card links to the best sign up deals but most people beginning out DO need these links.

I know when I began I was constantly comparing the information from different blogs about the current top credit card deals and using that information to make my decision. I didn’t always go with the first deal I saw. I searched other web sites and googled to find the link I wanted to use. I always checked with the credit provider to see what their offer was. I often find that what credit Card Company’s offer on company web sites and typically find they do not usually offer the best bonus.  From these credit hawkers I quickly learned what is bad, average, good, and a great deal on each type of credit Card, when to wait and when to sign up quickly.

They guided me in making informed decisions on how to build my portfolio based on what I thought would be the most beneficial credit cards for my lifestyle.  For all of you naysayers, you make the users of these links sound like idiotic drones with no brain or capability of independent thought. Life is full of advertising; everywhere we turn, we must make informed consumer decisions, why would this be no different for a credit product?

I question you negative posters who continue to bash these bloggers, my question to you is “How did you find out which credit products were offering the best deals?” Did you just pull those offers out of your ass hat? Just let the rest of us know of a better way. Not everyone has access to ‘in person’ options in the beginning.

How about you be more productive and share an alternative and not just slam the people sharing the information. There are still people out there that can use the information. How is it any different from paying any adviser and trusting their information? They could be wrong also. Of course, I do believe a disclaimer is in order as a basic fiduciary responsibility.

Personally, I find that those blogs that focus on credit cards deals are NOT the ones I read on a regularly basis anymore. That info is old to me. I have moved on, I require different input now than I did in the beginning.  And if you are talking down about credit hawking, then you too should move on to blogs with other information.  New people will need this info. It is a service. They should be compensated for providing it. I would not have 26+ credit cards without their information. Does not mean I used their links every time.  Caveat Emptor. This is the internet, just because it is on the internet does not make it true!

This sounds like a case of…. If it bothers you then don’t go there!

For those that are new and trying to decide where to begin with credit card applications, you CAN learn from all the websites. Remember to research thoroughly and weigh the options  for each card. What will you use it for? How can you best use the bonus and when?

Good luck to all the newbies in reaching your travel dreams!

(My credit card take above was acquired in about 18 months along with lots of bonus points. FYI 3 of those cards are canceled now: the US AIR and the DELTA American Express)

Citi AAdvantage Mastercard

Citi sent out some nice postcards letting us know that they are saying Goodbye to Foreign Transaction fee’s on the AAdvantage Mastercard. This is great news if you have been holding back form using this card while traveling out of the country you now can use it and save on those pesky fees. It also means you can use it to book your Airfare on foreign websites without a fee. Even the American Airlines web site would charge a fee if you originated in a foreign county because the fare would price from where ever the travel originates from. Personally, I believe travel cards should be intended for travel, regardless of where the travel is you should not be paying fees. After all it is a travel card!