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SPG Amex Bonus Goes 35K, Share a link

Maybe there has been some falling off of SPG sign ups since no one really knows what the points will be worth once Marriott swallows Starwood. We also don’t know what is going to happen to the SPG Amex card. Will it stay? Will it go? SPG points have always been some of the highest valued in the world of miles and points because they transfer to an very large number of airlines.  They have also been famously difficult to aquire. Having the bonus of 35K for new American Express sign ups is the highest I have seen the offer. Most enthusiast wait until the offer is 30K to jump.

Is it worth blowing one of your American Express sign ups, I would say yes. This card may be gone next year, we just don’t know. You can always transfer the points out to the many airline partners if Marriott devalues the SPG points (which I find likely based on nothing more than my gut instinct).

Comment with your E-mail below for a link to the bonus, I have a limited number I can send out. If you have a link please send to one of the requests below.

Le Meridian Delfino

For out trip to Los Angeles I focused on Starwood properties since I had recently picked up the American Express SPG credit card. (hint: right now there is a 35K bonus offer available If you would like to support my blog,  just ask me for a link in the comment section with your email.) Before the trip began I had also signed up with Starwood for a Platinum status challenge. I needed to stay 18 ‘eligible’ nights. While visiting Los Angeles we stayed at 2 different Starwood properties. The Le Meridien Delfino in Santa Monica near the Santa Monica Pier was our first stop. The biggest issue here is that on our second day our room had not been made up by 5pm and we needed to get ready to go to dinner after a long day of walking the boardwalk. I requested the room be made right away and we went for another walk, at 6:45 the room had not been touched. We showered and went to dinner. I advised the front desk and sometimes between 6:45 and 9pm the room was cleaned. I complained when we checked out and was told we would be given points to compensate, but I don’t think those points ever showed up. All in all it was a lovely room and there is a small pool in the courtyard area. The pool was very crowded with no seats available anytime we tried to go.

Evenings were the perfect temperature for a stroll
The room faced the road and lots of sunshine
I think hotels should always give complimentary water
A robe in the bathroom was a nice touch
Intersting tables in the bar area

Marriott Buy Back Status or…. Free?

Marriott Buy Back Status until April 1, 2016 or Fly a Challenge United.  Continue reading Marriott Buy Back Status or…. Free?