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American Fly to Europe and earn up to 115,000 bonus miles

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Did you book the Great Business Class Fare on British Airways this summer with your $400 off AARP credit? Well now American Airlines has a summer promotion for up to 115,000 Bonus miles for travel to Europe for flights until August 7, 2015.

Many fare classes are included. You must register for the bonus at American Fly to Europe Bonus using the code:

Promotion Code:

They have a handy little chart that lets you know the bonus, the more trips the bigger the bonus. Also bonus is based on class of service and British Airlines is included. This means those Business class fares should qualify. Here are some terms and conditions, make sure to read the airfare codes to see if your flight qualifies. My theory is it just never hurts to register anyway.

Fly to Europe and earn up to 115,000 bonus miles

Fly to Europe and earn 115,000 bonus miles

The More You Fly. The More You Earn.
Earn American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles every time you fly round-trip between the U.S., Canada or Mexico and Europe on First Class, Business Class or select full-fare Economy Class fares* on American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, OpenSkies or US Airways.

Participating Airlines:
American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, OpenSkies or US Airways

Bonus Miles

Round Trip First Class and Business Class Fares
Total Bonus Miles Earned
Premium Economy and Select Full Fare Economy*
Total Bonus Miles Earned
1 20,000 5,000
2 40,000 10,000
3 55,000 15,000
Total 115,000 30,000

For every eligible round-trip you take during the offer period, you’ll earn bonus miles based on the fare class purchased. With several airlines participating in this promotion, you’ll have even more opportunities to earn bonus miles.

Simply register prior to travel using promotion code NA015, purchase a qualifying First Class, Business Class or select Economy Class fare ticket* and complete travel by August 7, 2015.

Offer Dates:
May 7, 2015, through August 7, 2015

Promotion Code:

Together Offering you More Across the Atlantic:
American, US Airways, along with our partners British Airways, Finnair and Iberia, are offering you more options across the Atlantic and an easier and more rewarding global travel experience to Europe and beyond. Enjoy convenient access to more destinations, smoother connections and enhanced amenities and comfort on our newly modernized aircraft. And we’re providing even more opportunities to earn American Airlines AAdvantage® miles and access to more airport lounges worldwide for eligible customers.

*Includes First Class and Business Class fares booked in F, A, P, J, R, D or I; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y, B or H on American Airlines or US Airways marketed flights; First Class or Club World (Business Class) fares booked in F, A, J, R, C, D or I; World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) booked in W, E or T; Full-fare World Traveller (full-fare Economy) booked in Y, B or H on British Airways marketed flights; Business Class fares booked in C, D, I or J; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y, B or H on Finnair marketed; Business Class fares booked in J, R, C, D, or I; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y, B or H on Iberia marketed or operated flights; Biz Bed (Business Class) fares booked in J, R, C, D, or I; Prem Plus fares booked in W, E, T; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y, B or H on OpenSkies operated as British Airways flights.

Terms and conditions
AAdvantage bonus mile offer is valid only on American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, OpenSkies or US Airways operated and/or marketed nonstop flights for round-trip travel between the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe, May 7, 2015, through August 7, 2015. Flights operated and marketed by other codeshare partners are not eligible for this promotion. Offer applies only to AAdvantage members who purchase and fly on eligible published-fare tickets. Bonus miles will be calculated and awarded based on the number of trips flown in a specific booking class. The bonus can only be earned for a maximum of three round-trips. Half the round-trip bonus will be posted after each eligible one way segment. Bonus miles do not count toward elite status qualification or AAdvantage Million Miler status. Registration prior to travel is required using Promotion Code NA015 at

Step 4 Getting Organized

Photo courtesy of  Keerati, at
Photo courtesy of Keerati, at

Getting Organized …  Save Time

Wow…. I know I’ve been MIA. But not to worry. First thing I did was lock up several of my accounts and then the computer began acting strange. I was worried someone was trying to hack into it, then I remembered I don’t have much to take but it sure would be inconvenient.

Once I got somewhat back into operational mode well…I have been shopping for another computer. Just can’t decide. I just got sidetracked with so many portal specials and a little travel. Then somehow I got involved in an entirely different project. (unrelated)

But I’m back and excited to begin sharing more with you.  September and October brought about a huge amount of opportunities for earning miles through ‘Shopping Portals’. Since this is my first year in the miles game, I bet the shopping portals tend to have a pattern.  Earning 18x points per dollar at Sears happens so often I am afraid to shop when its less. I find myself actually waiting for a particular store to boost its points before I buy. And I have bought when I wasn’t planning to, but wait…. it was product I would have bought anyway…

So here are my total Miles/ Points earning so far (in about 5 months)

My Totals
Airlines 8          264,408 miles
Hotels 9            114,978 points
Shopping 5      224,335 point

Total                     603721

Spouse Totals

Accounts Total
Airlines 4         1,818 miles
Hotels 3      190,499 points

Total             192317

And good news is that  (even though it took almost 10 weeks to get my mileage posted from the Southwest Shopping Portal Sears Deals) but I finally got my Southwest Airlines Companion Pass! I am very excited about this as it was my first ‘Goal’. Click the picture and check it out!

Companion Pass Status

Now I have to choose a friend that can fly with me ALL year for free. I actually earned too many points because I was so worried the Sears points wouldn’t post I kept using the Southwest Portal. So with my points and the pass…  We have about 30-33 One Way Tickets for myself PLUS 30-33 for my spouse! (when they are on sale) That’s about $3300 worth of Southwest flights!

One big problem with all these loyalty programs and shopping portals and credit cards is that you really need to figure out how to keep them organized.  I started off with a fresh e-mail for signing up for Airline/ Hotel/ & Blog e-mails. Then I added an e-mail for credit card e-mails.  Credit card applications went into 2 piles… applied/ approved. Then you have 2 different people in the home with the same brand of credit card and they each have an additional user/ spouse card. Now you have 4 credit cards that all look the same! So I started writing the original account owner on the back.  Then I started a spreadsheet and got an inexpensive Rolodex Vinyl Business Card Book. Its working for now but I foresee needing more than one or something more substantial.

Whatever method you choose to keep track of all these accounts, start early, be prepared for lots of account names & numbers, sign ins & passwords.

For me… it was  time to sign up for a better plan that will save valuable time. I can use more time.  I opened an AwardWallet account. At first it was a bit depressing because I had waited so long that it took me a week to enter all the need information. But now its up and running and I am very pleased with the program.  It’s a FREE program (basic level) and is plenty for anyone to begin with.

You can enter all of your airline, hotel, rental car loyalty program account numbers, sign in info for you and your family members! For most of the programs AwardWallet actually updates your totals, makes a note of expiring points (I have to spend $100 in Sears points by Dec 1), and links directly to the loyalty program with 1 click if you opt for that.

The down side to AwardWallet is it does not update for some major players. Like Delta and Southwest, you have to manually input those miles. With some programs like Hyatt there is a special browser extension you need to install and I couldn’t get it operate on Firefox, but it works fine in Explorer. It’s probably me because my computer skills aren’t great.

Some of the programs that don’t talk directly with AwardWallet, they offer that you can have your monthly statements sent directly to your AwardWallet E-mail address and they will update your miles and leave the statement in your AwardWallet mailbox. That’s nice. And for as little as $10 for 6 months you get a OneCard, size of a credit card that they print up to 100 accounts and account numbers on.  So convenient when you need your airline numbers for each member of the entire family,  hotel reservations and car rentals.

So far we have 4 big steps to work through.  Next you are going to need to make a list of which credit cards you use…. because you can earn more points by using the right card for the right purchase! Add that to shopping through the right Portal and we are soon flying Free!


Response/ Ping Back Notice: I welcome new friends, comments, website, blog links and ping backs. If it weren’t for the wonderful bloggers in this community I would not have been able to make such great progress in such little time.  Please if you wish to comment, please leave a name & web site with your comment for me to approve.  I will not respond to vague or threatening comments.

Link disclosure:  I may post links that I earn some sort of reward, credit or payment if people use those links. I appreciate when you use my links and I will always try to have the best links available. If I find out my links aren’t the best ones I will let you know.





Step 2: Airlines

Image courtesy of khunaspix at
Image courtesy of khunaspix at

Below are Links to Airline Frequent Flyer Programs I would recommend you begin signing up for.  Even if you don’t use these airlines they will come in handy later because you can earn miles and then BOOK a flight with one of their partners.

Don’t travel much? Who knows, maybe this will inspire you to begin saving for or help you afford that BIG vacation you always dreamed of …. Italy, France, Hawaii?

For Example: If you have British Air Miles you can book your award flight on American Airlines because they are both part of a group called ONE WORLD. More on that later.

It is free to sign up for these….. remember to sign up your spouse and children also… maybe even your parents!

Air France Flying Blue

Alaska Airlines

American Advantage

British Airways, Avios Executive Club


Southwest Rapid Rewards….  Earn a Companion pass and you can fly a designated companion FREE for a year in the continental US! Much better deal to see all of American than an RV! This is going to go well with your Hotel rewards programs. 🙂

United Airways

US Airways  (merging with American soon)


Which airline do you travel the most?

There are many more so if you have some you think I should add just let me know. Later I’ll update you on the best way to use all the miles and points you are going to earn.

Happy Travels