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Southwest Calendar Open…

The Southwest Air Calendar is is open through November 4, 2016. But sadly… Continue reading Southwest Calendar Open…

Southwest $49 Sale Book by Thursday

SW june 2015

Time for the $49 Sale from Southwest. Book by Thursday travel August 25 – December 16, there are blackout dates and most of the lowest fares require travel on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.  This is such a great deal when you figure Southwest gives you 2 bags free. I love Southwest for the shorter flights. Recently I did a pretty long flight (for me on Southwest) of BWI-SLC to position so that we could take advantage of a US Air Deal of $220 RT to Hawaii. It was an interesting itinerary, more on that later.

Remember to check you currently booked tickets to see if they are reduced in price or points, if they are less then re-book them. Your credit will remain available for use up to a year from the date you originally booked. Don’t forget to SAVE your original booking confirmation, this is how you will need to apply your credit when you are ready to use it.

Because of the chances to possibly need to rebook, I prefer to book all my Southwest flights as ONE WAY. I find this more flexible personally. Though it does make for more to keep track of (all your flights are listed separate and not as 1 trip). I don’t book things this way for others, just myself.

Some examples of my favorite $49 fares

Baltimore to: Buffalo/ Niagra, Columbus, Louisville

Columbus to : Baltimore, Washington Reagan, Chicago, Nashville

Las Vegas to: Los Angeles, San Diego

Nashville to: New Orleans

Phoenix to: Los Angles, Las Vegas

Providence to: Baltimore

This is just a small selection and there are much more $99, $129 and $149 fares available. I just typically take the smaller flights because the Southwest routes get me to where my family is located (plus some other fun spots 🙂